The Vine

By Cassandra Ivy, The Voice News - December 7, 2017

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Dear readers,


Last Thursday we received an e-mail from a very disappointed and upset reader. The person’s concern was over an insert, which was in last week’s edition, and I thought this week’s column would be a great way to address it, even after responding to the reader via e-mail, as they said they would be looking for a “very public and visible apology.”


As your local newspaper, we are always looking for information we think you may have an interest in – things you would enjoy reading about and items you probably should know about, which includes the public notices and local meeting articles. We try to cover as much as possible through this vast coverage area with a small staff. We run information and advertisements for a large variety of people, organizations and businesses. However, sometimes items, like this insert in particular, come to us that we have not sought out, and we run information that you yourself will need to decide if you want to read or agree with.


Not everything that we place in the newspaper is something that Darren or I – let alone members of our staff – agree with personally. If so, you would be reading something a lot more biased than what we work hard to do. Which, as humanly possible, is to present the information and leave it to you to do with as you want. Learn from it? Enjoy it? Disagree with it, and use it for kindling for a fire? Converse with others about it? We hope that these are all things that the news does for you. At the end of the day, you can form your own opinion and use it as productively as you’d like.


Now, don’t get me wrong. As your local newspaper, we generally want to present you with stories that leave you feeling good and knowing more about the area, the people who live here and the businesses and groups that make up the towns. It is far from our intention to create problems. I’d personally much rather focus on the good.


There is so much good going on in the world that tends to be lost in the chaos.

Over the course of several days, we’ve had several readers reach out and ask about the aforementioned insert regarding religion. And I will say that I appreciate that. I was grateful that I could talk with each person from whom we heard and explain our side of the story. The feedback gives us and our staff something to consider when running further inserts and information.


As you may recognize if you frequently read The Voice News, we run a weekly page dedicated to our local churches and the like-minded. Supporting, and promoting, like it was suggested by a few subscribers, hatred or downgrading of a certain belief or group of people is far from what we aim to do.


 I apologize to those who were offended, and for whatever hatred towards a group may have been spread incredibly unintentionally. I hope if nothing else, it was able to bring about good discussions in our area.




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