The Vine

By Casandra Ivy, The Voice News - June 22, 2017

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I have to admit, I’m not much of a green thumb when it comes to gardening. If I’m being truly honest, and this won’t come as a surprise to my family and close friends reading this, I tend to kill almost everything I plant.


Beautiful flowers I’ve picked out cute planters for over the years tend to become thirstier or don’t take the heat well faster than I’d expect them to. Or in one unfortunate incident I vividly remember from years ago, a couple of my gerbera daisies became a quick snack for an ornery squirrel just as I was briefly admiring the beautiful, bright petals from a distance. (To this day, I swear that squirrel looked right at me and chuckled before scurrying off.)


All of this is in complete contrast from my parents, who have developed a wonderful acreage from farmland near Geneva from scratch in the last decade. Their large garden, and wonderful plants, trees and flowers that blend in throughout the green space and make the place a well-cared-for home, always make me smile when we pull in to the drive. And roll my eyes a bit at how I grew up with and learned from these people and yet still can’t transplant hostas or anything else on my own. Which reminds me: Mom, I need some help sooner than later with some planting guidance.


Regardless, my daughters and I are returning to gardening this summer and, despite my previous setbacks, we’re excited to see what we can produce for 4-H and for at home.

And we’d love to see what you’re producing too. If there is a plant or produce item you’re proud of, whether it is award-winning or not-so-much, or if you’ve been working hard out in your yard and garden and want to show off a project you’ve finished, we’d enjoy highlighting them in the newspaper. Just send in a photograph or two, and type in some details including your name and where you reside, and we’ll showcase your achievements in a future edition of the Home & Garden section, which runs generally the fourth week of each month in The Voice News. Just e-mail the items to, mail them to P.O. Box 148, Hickman, NE 68372 or drop the items by our news office in downtown Hickman.


In a flipside to what you’d probably want to be featured in, after internal discussion here at the news office, we have decided to return to including names in the sheriff’s report. While we have continued to provide general report information, the requests from readers to use names have increased.


As the information is public record, we will of course taking into consideration the names of minors and of victims. Our goal is to keep readers informed of what is going on around them, not to aide in making a situation worse.


The main thing: If you don’t want your name in the sheriff’s report, avoid doing whatever it would take to get you there.





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