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By Cassandra Ivy, The Voice News - April 20, 2017

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Cassandra Ivy,The Voice News

A “cross” was visible in the sky near Firth on Sunday evening as the sun began to set on Easter Day.


After hopping around this weekend for work events, including several community egg hunts and the Huskers’ spring game in Lincoln, Darren and I made it over to Geneva Saturday evening to join my family to celebrate Easter. Our daughters had been enjoying the holiday weekend as of Friday evening with their aunts, uncles, grandparents and especially young cousins, all of whom except for my sister’s baby were a bit on a sugar-high when we arrived to my parents’ acreage.


And we had a nice Sunday kicked off by A service in the small Lutheran church in Shickley that my family has attended since we moved to Geneva in the mid-90s. It’s the kind of congregation that knows each person who enters, many of whom return for the holidays and bring their own growing families to the sanctuary where they themselves grew up, belonging to and celebrating milestones – and many Easters – along the way.

And that’s one of the main reasons why I enjoy holidays so much. Keeping traditions, visiting with those that have been part of your life for years – those are the simple keys, at least in my estimation, for time spent during a holiday. Of course seeing the kids delight in the baskets “The Bunny” brings and the tasty meal my mom (and this Easter, my 11-year-old) organizes is always the icing on top.


This Sunday evening, as Easter Day was winding down for the year, I saw one more visual reminder, while enjoying the weather outside on my porch outside of Firth, that I’m sharing with you in this column. A “cross” appeared for just a few moments before fading away into the blue sky. And I had another moment of peaceful thanks as I looked at my daughters helping with outdoor chores, during a time of year that is usually chaotic each day with activities and in a time of national news often splashing headlines of uncertainty.

For many, there is much joy to be found all around. Sometimes we just need to take time and be observant of what is near.




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