The Vine

By Cassandra Ivy, The Voice News - April 19, 2018

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Have you ever thought about how a simple, every-day action could change someone’s life? Or how taking a chance outside of your comfort zone might lead to a different path?


I don’t think 20 years ago the publisher at The Nebraska Signal in Geneva probably did. At the time, I was a senior in high school. With the urging of my dad, who knew I enjoyed writing and had seen an ad in the weekly newspaper’s classified section for a sports reporter, I went downtown to the office and applied. I remember telling my dad that surely they wouldn’t want a high school student reporting for them in a position like that, yet, following a short interview, I had the job.


But I was given more than a paycheck working at the newspaper. My boss, John Edgecombe, let me do so much more. I reported on more stories than just sports as my schedule allowed, I developed a love for design despite it being in the “old” cut-and-paste technique that didn’t require a lot of computer use initially to get the pages completed and I helped complete odd jobs that needed to be done, like making notepads from scratch and delivering “death notices” to the stores around town. I found a love of journalism, especially when it came to relating things to a smaller group of communities and people you could get to know.


However, I don’t think either John or I could have foreseen, that two decades later to the year exactly, where my road would lead. And yet, because of that opportunity, my mind was set that instead of pursuing law or a field like it like I had wanted to do since I was much younger, I would follow my new-found passion of journalism. And in that span of time since, after working in various positions from large daily newspapers to one that serves just a couple hundred subscribers, my career at this point has seemed to come full circle again with being in community journalism here at The Voice News, while John’s has started to slow down.


On Wednesday, April 11, I had the opportunity to go back to Geneva for John’s retirement party – and for the unveiling of The Nebraska Signal’s Letterpress Museum. That newspaper has been in the hands of the Edgecombe family for several generations – and thankfully it looks like it will continue to be for more to come.


I have told the family, which includes his publisher sons Jim and Mike and his wife Joann, several times over the years how much I’ve appreciated their support and friendship and, with his recent retirement, I wanted to share with you readers a bit about my past and how I came to be in journalism. After all, each day we each have a chance to make a positive impact on those around us – even if it’s as simple as giving someone an opportunity.



Last Thursday, I also had a chance to visit Mrs. Nieveen’s kindergarten classroom at Norris for a bit.


It was wonderful visiting with 18 students about newspapers and even more enjoyable watching and helping them each interview a classmate. And you can find those questions and answers in this week’s edition!


It’s never too early to introduce your children or grandchildren to the newspaper - many even mentioned they see their parents or adults around them reading one to keep informed! Here at The Voice News, we even include a special page Kid Scoop each week in particular for our younger readers (even though I’ve had a few adults tell me they enjoy completing the page too!)


While at the school last week, several students who raised their hands told me they especially like to “read the stories” and “look at the photos” - and I have a feeling they’d really like to see cartoons included! It was fun to see their enthusiasm when they received the newspapers and quickly opened them up to look through the pages. And I’m thankful for the chance to get to show a younger group of students a consistent way to keep up on the area they live in!







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