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By Cassandra Ivy, The Voice News - February 15, 2018

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You can imagine our surprise when in the midst of our family vacation this past week, we got a call from one of our employees letting us know that there had been a printers’ error with one of the pages in the Feb. 8 edition and it involved the public notices section.


Unfortunately, by circumstances beyond our control, someone at our printer put in page A13 twice - once in the correct spot in the A Section and once in place of the page B13, that we had correctly sent, in the middle of the Public Notices section of the newspaper.

Since Public Notices by law must run the weeks they are scheduled or things have to be rescheduled, our employees scrambled to put together the full 12-page Public Notices section that you also received last week in the mail. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused, but by providing this extra section we were able to keep all of the scheduled meetings, delinquent tax lists, etc. on their already planned times.


As a reminder, public notices are also able to be viewed for free each week on our website at


Since I am talking about Public Notices, I am going to use this space to urge citizens to read these pages each week because they are chock-full of information about what is going on in the schools and communities you live in. Elected officials are making decisions each month about how to spend your tax money, on what projects to undertake that may affect the streets you drive on, whether or not to allow new subdivisions,  adding ordinances that govern your town and many other important topics.


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