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By Cassandra Ivy, The Voice News - May 25, 2017

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Memorial Day for many has become a full weekend of relaxing and enjoying the outdoors – of course, depending on if we get torrential rains like we’ve been getting the past week or not. Reunions, time at the lake or just simple yard projects complete with grilling meals outside tends to be the perceived norm. However, the basis of the day holds much more meaning than receiving a day off from work. Memorial Day was created as a day to remember those who died in active military service.


In my family, this upcoming weekend holiday over the years always was a time for my parents to revisit their hometowns in South Central Nebraska, place flowers at family members’ graves and often make it to their high school reunions while us kids would visit with cousins. Even on the years that my dad would have basketball camp to organize and run at the high school, my parents would make time to remember those who had made an impact.


As the end of May is already here, I hope that we all, in the midst of the fun of what the weekend has become, take the chance to pay tribute to those that gave their lives for their country, for our freedoms, for us.


Because even if we get just a moment to sit out back on a deck or take a deep breath of fresh air outside, it’s easy to see from much of the news and social media just how fortunate many of us are here in America.


Have a safe, and enjoyable, holiday weekend!

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