Morrill One-Act finishes as district runner-up

By The Voice News - December 6, 2017

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The Morrill One-Act team includes: (back row, left to right) Jacob Strecker, Jayden Harvey, Braeden Strumpler, Hunter Craig, Johhny Hessler, Andrew Avila, Trevor Cecil, Nick Haney, Rowdy Lind, Riley Harris, Dawson Jacobs, Blake Harris, (middle row) Adriana McHugh, Trinidad Ventura, Sariyah Rodriguez, Marcelina Gomez, Teresa Cantu, Mara Hubbard, Caden Lewis, Joana Valles, Vania Jaimes-Salgado, (front row) Michelle Lara, Abby Sinner, Ashton Hoffman, Tarah Ramirez, Alonzo Ayala, Phillip Soto, Holden Schleve, D'Marco Ayala.


MORRILL – After a strong season, the Morrill One-Acts team came heartbreakingly close to a trip to state competition last Tuesday at the district competition in North Platte, the team finished runner-up by a mere one point.


“It was terrible, we were so close,” said senior Abby Sinner, “But at least we beat Hemingford,”

However the directors, while disappointed, were very proud of their cast. “It was their best performance ever,” said Niki Fredrickson, “They gave it a hundred percent.”


Christy Fredrickson, assistant director and author of the play, agreed. “I was very proud of them, every single one was on top of their game. When you can move people to tears with your performance, it’s a success no matter what the judges say.”


The play was entitled “Conflict” and showed the effects of the Vietnam War and the hippie counter-culture on life today through the flashbacks of a Vietnam vet. The ending scene was a moving portrayal of the vet kneeling at the Vietnam Memorial wall.


Another source of pride for the directors was the amount of people who received outstanding actor/actress awards.


“Most schools had 3 to 5 people getting awards,” Fredrickson said. “We had twelve.”

Cast members include: Jacob Strecker, Ashton Hoffman, Trevor Cecil, Rowdy Lind, Braeden Strumpler, Andrew Avila, Tara Ramirez, Abby Sinner, Adriana McHugh, Trinidad Ventura, Jayden Harvey, Hunter Craig, Phillip Soto, Nick Haney, Johnny Hessler, Holden Schleve, Teresa Cantu, Mara Hubbard, Sariyah Rodriguez, Caden Lewis, Marcelina Gomez, Joanna Valles,Vania James-Salgado, Michelle Lara, Alonzo Ayala, D’Marco Ayala, Adam Kindred, Riley Harris, Blake Harris and Dawson Jacobs.





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