Mitchell quiz bowl teams finish second, third at Mitchell Invitational

By The Voice News- December 6, 2017

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Submitted photos

The Mitchell Quiz Bowl Team A (right) includes: (from left to right) Lexie Jackson, Jacob Trauernicht, Ansley Hessler, Marcus Carrillo, Kenna Krahulik, Kyle Campbell, Kailey Townsend, Jonathan Pieper, Nikkole Sibal.


The Tigers hosted the Mitchell Invitational Quiz Bowl last week. Team standings were Bridgeport A in first with 540 points, Mitchell A in second with 470 points, Mitchell B in third place with 400 points, Gordon-Rushville in fourth with 380 points, Hemingford A in fifth place with 320 points. All-Tournament members from Mitchell High School were Eric Willson, Kyle Campbell and Kenna Krahulik.

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