Lincoln couple sings gospel songs for area seniors

By Jacilyn Bruns, The Voice News - April 12, 2018

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Jacilyn Bruns, The Voice News

Don and Gayla Becker sang Easter tunes for the Senior Diners on March 28 at Hickman Presbyterian Church.


HICKMAN – Don and Gayla Becker are a gospel singing duo that perform at Aging Partners senior lunches in several area towns such as Hickman, Firth, Bennet and Waverly. They come to each place at least twice a year, as well as other churches, gospel events and play music in their own church, Plains Baptist Church in Lincoln.


Don grew up in Lincoln, and Gayla is from Idaho. When Don was in the Air Force, he met Gayla at a Baptist church in Idaho.


“I got her to notice me because I asked her to sing a special in church with me. She said yes, so we started singing specials in church, then we dated, and we’ve been singing together ever since, almost 46 years now,” Don said.


They both taught themselves to play guitar and, after they were married, they moved back to Lincoln and then Gayla took piano lessons. They had four children who sometimes join in the performances.


The Beckers’ band name is “Heirs Together,” which comes from the Bible passage 1 Peter 3:7 which says a husband and wife are “heirs together of the grace of life.”


Don said they enjoy singing for the Lord Jesus, and their mission statement is to be good messengers for Jesus. Gayla added that it’s nice to have something they can

do together.


The seniors enjoy the Beckers coming to sing for them, continually asking for them to return. The Beckers said the blessing goes both ways.


“We enjoy getting to meet the people,” Gayla said.






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