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By Peg Reutzel (402) 791-3034 - October 12, 2017

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What can we do to change the world? It takes each of us to do our part. It really goes back to the Bible. What many miss is it is about love. Loving each other, helping each other and being kind to each other. I know everyone in the entire world is not going to do this. However, how about doing this in your own small part of it? Show love and kindness to even those you don’t know, or even like. Getting upset with one another over politics or other things accomplishes nothing. Think about how you feel when you are angry versus when you have shown love. Be a giving, loving person and that is how we can change the world, one neighborhood at a time. Be the person God meant us to be.


Delaney Leyden won the design contest for the t-shirt for the middle school choir. They wore them at the fall concert last week. She won a t-shirt for her efforts. What a fun contest!


By the way Norris does not have school on the 13th and 16th this week. I hope they enjoy their fall break.


Senior Diners will meet on Oct. 16 at 10 a.m. The scheduled meal is shredded BBQ chicken on a wheat bun, BBQ baked beans, potato salad and fresh fruit. The meal for seniors is $4 and the optional rent fee is $2. The program is crafts with Sharon Schweitzer, Lancaster Rehab Center marketing director.


On the 18th, the evening meal will be pizza, garlic rolls, salad and dessert at Living Life Reformed Church. Serving is from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. A freewill offering will be accepted. All are welcome.


Birthdays to celebrate this week are: Megan Hickey, Clara Hickey (13th); Ian Opfer (14th); Jacob Starr (15th); Mandy Cramer (16th); Jordan Hays (19th). Happy 36th anniversary to Kendall and DeAnn Weber on the 17th.


Condolences are extended to Marge Helmink and family. Maurice passed away on Oct. 6. He was a fine man and Christian. He wanted to spread that Christian love to everyone he met. He is in a better place, no longer in pain.  He will be missed here on earth.


If you would like to hear about the team from Living Life Reformed Church that went to Bolivia, they are sharing their experiences on Oct. 15 in the morning service at 9:30 a.m. I am sure we will hear some great stories.


October is Pastor Appreciation month so what a great time to express your love. Pastors probably don’t get that affirmation of appreciation enough.


My wish today is that we can have a week without any tragedies and ugliness. Let us control our little part of the world and show love and have peace. As you can tell by now, love is the word of the week.





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