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By Peg Reutzel (402) 791-3034 - August 17, 2017

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The Firth splash pad is operational for about three more weeks, so I hope the kids will get out and enjoy it. I see it has been in use much of the time this summer. It is warming up again so I am sure it will remain popular for awhile. Kudos to the people who made this possible for Firth


Since being on the Village Board, I have gained a new respect for our clerk, Jill Hoefler. She provides a wealth of knowledge on the governmental regulations and helps the board immensely. I also thank Dave Hansmeyer, our maintenance person. I cannot believe how many different types of work he does to keep our village going. I am sure he is spread pretty thin at times. It would be great if you could thank them for a job well done the next time you see them.


By the time you read this, Norris will have started school again. Drive safely and watch out for other drivers. Many of the kids may be driving to school for the first time. Hopefully, the kids will have a safe and rewarding school year.


Besides the eclipse, Aug. 21 is National Senior Citizen’s Day. We all are either a senior or have a senior in our lives. Honor and appreciate them. Of course, in my mind, a senior is always someone 10 years older than I am. That number changes depending on how old I am!


The Senior Diner’s meal for the 21st is beef hot dog with bun, potato salad, baked beans, ice cream and fruit. The program is “the eclipse.”


Speaking of the eclipse, wear glasses and be sure you have safe eclipse glasses. Eyes are so important, we don’t want to damage them.


Birthdays for this week are: Madelyn Critser (18th); Kimberly Henderson (19th); Alex Riensche (20th); Janelle DeBoer, Emily Jackson (22nd); Pastor Mark Starr(24th); and Eileen Weber (25th). Happy anniversary to Gary and Peg Hartgerink and Alex and Beth Olson (17th); Stan and Kathy Carlow (23rd); and Keith and Charlene TenHulzen (24th). We wish everyone a great day of celebration.


A mother was trying to coax her daughter out from under her bed on the first day of school. She kept refusing. The mother said, “You must come out. It’s the first day of school!” The daughter replied “No, they can get someone else to teach my classes!” Uh oh!





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