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By Julie Kreikemeier | jbkreikemeier@hotmail.com - November 16, 2017

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“Shop Local” is a common saying amongst many small-town folks. Unfortunately shopping local is difficult for some in many “bedroom” communities where there are surely a large number of residents who commute to larger cities to work and shop when store hours are longer or there are just more options to choose from. With Black Friday drawing near, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight some of the other ways that you can spend the money from not only your Christmas budget but also all year round while still choosing to support those in your community with small businesses.


First of all big box stores are not the only ones with online shopping options. Many of the men and women I know who sell various products have online stores where you are able to purchase and have things shipped directly to you! You don’t have to look far to find your nearest salesperson of leggings, wax melts, children’s books, personalized clothing, bags, hair products, vitamins, bath products, makeup, cleaning products, food prep items and so many more!


We all have a friend that sells something out of her home or is willing to sell her products to all your friends at a party out of your home or an online “book” party. Why not purchase some of your gifts this year from a local resident and help them make money to support their family while offering you wonderful one on one customer service?


Many of us know these companies as direct sales. Did you know that most of them are people who are attempting to make a living from selling things to friends and family and their friends and families? For those that find this offensive, isn’t that largely the same thing that a small store in a small town would be doing? Why is there such a stigma on this option. Why is it a bad thing if someone higher up than just my friend makes money when she makes money? Is this not the exact same way that larger companies work? When they sell more merchandise and become more popular, the brand is worth more and therefore they can begin charging more for not only the products but also the now “popular” brand can sell things at a higher price simply because the brand is doing so well. In turn bringing in a higher profit means that the company makes more money and the owner/owners make more money.


Do not forget about the local options that are not part of the direct sales. Here in Eagle we have local crafters who provide goods such as wood workings, metal signs, paintings, handmade door hangers, furniture repurposing and primitives. I’m certain there are some others that I do not know about but just by asking your friends and neighbors in your community or even just on you street you are sure to find what you’re looking for. So shop local and help out a fellow resident with their small business!

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