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By Connie Hartman (402) 799-3539 - May 25, 2017

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On Tuesday the members of the Lunch Bunch met at a Lincoln restaurant for lunch. Due to other commitments only three persons attended.  They were Lyn Seisor, Ruth Hartman and Connie Hartman. Members of their families, who wanted lunch were seated at a separate table, were Darin Bentzinger, Tristan Bentzinger and Merlin Hartman.


Members of the Douglas United Methodist Church SPPR Committee met with District Superintendent Bill Ritter on Thursday afternoon.  Also in attendance were Burr United Methodist Church representatives.  Ritter came to deliver the news of the reassignment of Pastor Ed Millican.  After the expression of dismay by the Douglas and Burr representatives they accepted the news and were prepared to take it back to their congregations.  Sunday morning Ruth Hartman announced the news from the pulpit.  Word of the new pastor is yet to be announced.


Work is underway at Rosehill Cemetery preparing for the Memorial Day weekend. Broken branches due to the windstorm have been removed.  The service at 9 a.m. Monday morning by the American Legion will be followed by the community dinner at the Douglas Community Center at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. sponsored by the Rosehill Cemetery Association.

This provides an opportunity to remember those who went before and to socialize with the present.







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