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By Ryan Osborn | - May 10, 2018

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Things are greening up in Denton. I got my garden started. Got the potatoes and onions in. This year I'm waiting until after Mother's Day for the tomatoes. Last year they froze off then got pounded into the mud. So not doing that again.


I had some family coming into town during that dust storm on I-80 this week. What a mess that was. Sad for the family that lost a love one. I hope no one else does. Can't wait for some rain to show up this week. Just hope we don't get any hail.


You need a horse to get around out here. Construction everywhere. Highway 6 West of Emerald is still closed. If you're dying to stare at the rear end of a pilot car for a long time, check out Denton-Emerald spur. Can count the fence posts real good. Ha!


Hope you all are enjoying the sunshine! Storms don't get ya!


Here's the joke of the week:


Late one night, a preacher was driving on a country road and had a wreck. A farmer stopped and said, "Sir, are you okay?" The preacher said, "Yes, I had the Lord riding with me." The farmer said, "Well, you better let him ride with me, because you're gonna kill him."





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