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By Adam German (402) 430-1877 - June 22, 2017

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Cortlandfest seemed to be a success once again. Mother Nature put up her best effort to cause a headache or two for people making plans to set up their tents outside. A pretty massive storm swept through the area late Friday night. The storm caused Highway 41 to be shut down east of Clatonia so crews could remove debris and put power lines back up. I think the very unlucky Mike Campbell was the only Cortlandite to suffer any significant damage from the storm. The big tree in his front yard gave in to the strong winds and fell, it ended up resting on some power lines, what looked to be a suburban, and a car trailer; all suffered pretty extensive damage. I’m sure Mike is on the phone with his insurance company; good luck with that Mike!


Once the limbs were swept off the street Cortlandfest was underway with the color run, and the tractors started rumbling to town. The Cortland fire department had their food tent up once again. Jerry and Craig were the grill-masters frying up burgers, brats, and hot dogs. Marilynn DeVries was the incident commander pretty much through the entire process; getting the groceries, finding the utensils and paper plates and getting everything ready. Without Marilynn’s tireless efforts the firefighter’s food court would not have run as smoothly. The fire department would like to thank Marilynn for her hard work, and to each and every one of you that came out and showed your support.


Once the food court was closed down the fire department had to hurry and get ready for the parade. The trucks had to get rinsed off, the big gun had to be put up on the final truck, and of course, the candy and the Frisbees had to be handed out to all. I noticed that a few individuals were extremely excited and couldn’t wait for the fire trucks to head out to the parade. Some fans showed up early at the station, just to take pictures of the fire department they love dearly. The firefighters are always ready to pose for a picture, so they didn’t mind; especially Briggs. Once the photo session was over the trucks hit the parade route, where once again the soaking from the final truck was a huge hit with the kids.


The fireworks show closed out the fun packed day. It was an awesome show. It’s just the beginning; more fireworks are on their way with the Fourth of July right around the corner.

Maxine Pfeiffer checked in and wrote ... that Cortlandfest was certainly a busy day for her. Dave and Janis Steward came for the parade and watched it at Jim Pfeiffer’s home. Brett and Sarah Kotschwar and Alex and Sarah’s friend and daughter Maya came to the Tim and Susan Young home and enjoyed their swimming pool, parade and fireworks which were spectacular. The Young’s had a cook out after the parade. The next celebration will be the eclipse which Rich Douglass has been working on.


If you ask Forrest DeVries anything about gardening you better have about 45 minutes available to sit down so he can tell you all about it. Forrest has no problem telling you that he is most likely Nebraska’s number one gardener. Roger Olson only wishes he could grow onions the size of bowling balls like Forrest can. When it comes to gardening experts Forrest is Gage County’s best kept secret. Just ask him. If you are friends of Forrest’s and have become tired of hearing about how great the veggies are looking over in the miraculous garden Forrest is always so proud of; I have some news for you. Forrest is getting a little bit older. He just doesn’t pay as much attention to the details as he used to. Let’s take labels for example. Any one that has spent time around herbicides and pesticides knows that you always read the label. You read the label. The label will tell you what you can safely spray, how much you can spray, and exactly what the intended uses are. If you transfer the contents from the jug to a sprayer you label your sprayer. Forrest knows all of the above and practices it religiously. He reads the labels and labels the heck out of the sprayers he uses. He just missed one step this last time. He didn’t read the label on the sprayer. Forrest was spraying his garden for bugs the other day. Using what he thought to be Seven, a common bug killer used by many. Forrest sprayed his gorgeous tomatoes, potatoes, and a few other things before his inner voice started talking. “Look at your sprayer,” the voice said loudly. You always have to tell Forrest something twice before he actually hears you so “look at your sprayer” the voice boomed. Forrest did; he looked down at the little two-gallon sprayer in his hand. He read the label he had so cautiously written on it with a sharpie at the beginning of gardening season. In Forrest’s own handwriting he read what he had written on the tank ... 2, 4-D. The sprayer had 2, 4-D written all over it. (Many of you reading this just slapped your forehead with your hand didn’t you?) 2, 4-D doesn’t kill bugs; it kills plants. Plants like tomatoes, potatoes and a few other things. If you see Forrest don’t give him too hard of a time. Maybe just hand him a cold Clamato beer and give him a hug. He needs it.


I missed a birthday last week. Ron Packard is retired, although nobody is telling him. Ron is probably the busiest “retired person” in the state of Nebraska. We all know this because Ron is always so willing to help each and every one of us out when we need anything from a unique wrench to something fixed. Ron turned 67 years old last Thursday, June 15; happy birthday Ron and thank you for everything you do for the town and for your neighbors.


Shelbi Buhr is enjoying a summer break from her first year of college. If you see her around be sure to wish her a very happy birthday. Shelbi will be 19 on Friday, June 23.


Make sure to stop by Ron Peterson’s shop on Tuesday, June 27 to wish him a very happy birthday. Just be sure to speak up! Happy birthday Ron!


What a busy week it was last week. I think it’s time to relax a little and beat the heat. The Senior Diner program is growing stronger. Stop by and enjoy a lunch with them at the community center every Wednesday. You may have noticed some radar signs along highway 77 recently. They have been temporarily removed and the results are in. Apparently those signs documented every car that went through town while they were up and how fast they were going. This may come as a surprise but guess what ... Cortland has a lot of people speeding through town. Would you like to guess the top speed? Somebody was clocked at 149 m.p.h.! Needless to say you will be seeing lots of vehicles with lights and people wearing badges along highway 77 in the very near future; particularly between the hours of 5 and 7 p.m.  Stay safe out there.






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