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By Adam German (402) 430-1877 - October 12, 2017

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October is fire prevention month. This past week has been fire prevention week. Fire departments from Hickman, Firth, Hallam and Cortland will be at the Norris elementary on Oct. 24 for their annual fire prevention day. Last Monday a couple of your Cortland firefighters hopped in a truck and headed over to Molly Holloway’s daycare. If you heard sirens Monday morning, that’s because the fire truck had to make a little noise upon their arrival to get the kids revved up. Molly’s daycare kids learned about fire safety and where not to go during a fire. They got to crawl through Cortland’s big pumper truck and check out all the tools. The firefighters scored some chocolate chip cookies before they left, which they were going to share with the other department members, but firefighter/EMT TJ Addison ate them all before we got back to the station. The month of October is a great time to practice your fire drills and establish a meeting place for your family outside your home if the need were to ever arise.

Your Halloween floats for the Spookfest parade should be making progress. Cortland’s Spookfest is Saturday Oct. 21 at the community center. A trunk or treat will be taking place after the parade. If you cannot get enough trunk or treat activities feel free to swing on over to Christ Lutheran Church on Sunday the 22nd. From 4-6:30 p.m. the church will be hosting their annual trunk or treat. There is still plenty of room for your trunk, so be sure to mark this event on your calendar.


Craig Johnson, much like a fine scotch, just continues to get better with age. Every year he gets a little cooler and a little tougher looking. Craig turned another year older, and studlier (I just made that a word ... studly plus “er” equals studlier) on Sunday, Nov. 8; happy birthday Craig.


Craig’s better half, Becky Johnson, has a birthday this week. Becky also ages very gracefully. I would say much like a fine wine. Becky’s big day is Saturday, Oct. 14; happy birthday Becky. If you are looking for gifts for the Johnson family may I recommend a fine scotch or wine; aged perfectly. Or beer. Beer will work too I’m pretty sure.


Columbus Day landed on Monday, Oct. 9. That meant TJ Addison had the day off, what a great birthday present for him. Not only was last Monday the 9th TJ’s birthday, but it was also TJ and his wife Kelsey’s anniversary! TJ has certainly landed some pretty cool birthday gifts over the years. I must say I’m learning to enjoy it when the Addisons celebrate a birthday; being their neighbor usually means I get to score some cake and even some of Elle’s soon-to-be-famous cupcakes. If you see TJ and Kelsey out and about be sure to wish them a very happy anniversary.


Friday the 13th is upon us. That should get everyone in the mood to make a super spooky Halloween float. Stay safe out there.






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