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By Adam German (402) 430-1877 - May 25, 2017

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I wish it would rain a little ... a phrase nobody has uttered in the last week or two. Last week some pretty obnoxious storms hit the area. Lightning took out a beautiful Ash tree in Les Adams front yard over on 5th and Lincoln streets.


Mother Nature said hello to Les Jasa and one of his trees. A giant, beautiful Silver Maple tree in the alley behind Jen Manning’s house took a lightning strike also. One of its giant branches landed on Jen’s shed and completely took out their trampoline.


You most likely will be hearing chainsaws coming from that area as that Silver Maple will not survive; its days are numbered and will be completely removed soon.


Fortunately no major damage came from the storms and the Village of Cortland is still thriving.


Regina Engelhard has been hard at it; organizing a graduation party for her set of twins, Garret and Ashlynn. Now it’s time for her party. Regina’s birthday is Saturday, May 27; happy birthday Regina.


The queen of fitness is also celebrating a birthday Saturday. If you see Stacy Goes out and about on May 27, wish her a very happy birthday.


Renae Axtell will be doing her happy dance for more than one reason. Her classroom is now empty and she will be celebrating a birthday. Renae’s big day is Sunday, May 28; happy birthday Renae!


School’s out. It’s done. Yet another year has passed. Time is flying by. We have a three day weekend ahead of us; it’s Memorial weekend. Many of you will be lakeside; others will be staring through a chain link fence at a ball diamond somewhere. Wherever you may be this weekend; enjoy yourselves. Stay safe out there.







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