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By Adam German (402) 430-1877 - December 7, 2017

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Most Cortlandites have taken advantage of the warm weather and have their Christmas lights hung with pride. The Kohout’s have west Apple road lit up, the Vrbka’s and Busboom’s have once again turned west Third Street into a wintry Christmas wonderland. The Birkett’s have blow-up decorations dancing in the chilly December winds. The Zach’s, the Miller’s, the King’s and the Holloways are all providing strong competition to take home the “Cortland’s best lit” trophy this year. Just about every house in town has some sort of display up ... until you get to TJ Addison’s place. Kelsey and the girls have the tree up and are trying hard to get in the Christmas spirit. They would love to have Christmas lights up on the outside of their home. TJ’s Christmas-loving wife has even thought about hiring the job out. I say the heck with that. I say we bring our unwanted Christmas lights over to TJ’s place this weekend. I’ll provide the ladders. It’s time Cortland gives Kelsey, Elle, Emery and poor little Harlow the Christmas they deserve. I’m betting that the good-hearted, Christmas-spirited people of our town can have TJ’s house lit up so bright his electric meter will spin right off his house. I’ll even make sure I’m around to take all those decorations down when the time comes ... sometime in late May. I’ll see you in TJ’s yard Saturday.


I missed Ray Vrbka’s birthday last week. I had to write last week’s news a little early and didn’t do the proper research a talented writer like myself should have done. Everyone’s favorite car dealer’s husband celebrated his birthday last Monday, Nov. 27; happy belated birthday Ray!


Connor Price may be making a trip to see Ray. Maybe Connor can talk his folks into buying him a brand new car or truck. After all Connor turned 16 years old on Sunday, Dec. 3! That’s right; the Price’s youngest is 16. Time certainly is flying by. Put that phone down when you’re on the road Connor; I hope you had a great birthday!


Husker Nation is happy once again. Everyone is on board. The Wildcat and Sooner fans are already predicting failure. Iowa fans are also once again proclaiming to the world that Nebraska will never be back. It’s nice to see everyone so riled up again; I think this Frost guy is a pretty good hire. Stay safe out there. Go Big Red!




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