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By Adam German (402) 430-1877 - June 14, 2018

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The countdown to Cortlandfest is on; get your spots in the parade now. Saturday, June 23 is just around the corner.


It looks like construction is set to begin on Highway 77 through our neck of the woods. Apparently our part of Highway 77 was just too smooth. The department of roads is most likely installing the same bumps as they have all the way to Beatrice, after this project is complete I would advise you to not fill your coffee cups too full and to buckle everything in your vehicle up.


I have an update on Michelle Olson. She is still not pregnant. She’s about to set a personal best in the “not-pregnant” department. She is, however, celebrating a birthday. Michelle’s big day is Friday, June 15; happy birthday Michelle!


If you see Leon Deunk, congratulate him on reaching another milestone. This Father’s Day, June 17, Leon will be celebrating his 80th birthday. Happy birthday Leon!


I missed a pretty big anniversary last weekend. Head on down to Ray’s Used Cars and wish Ray and JoAnne a belated happy anniversary. Ray and JoAnne have been married for 51 years as of June 10! Fifty one years! They even still seem so happy, how do they do it? JoAnne must have the patience of a saint.


The Cortland Fire Department has been extremely busy as of late. Just in the last couple of weeks the department has responded to an unusual high number of medical calls, a semi-truck roll-over requiring extrication and a drowning. Please be extra careful as you are out and about, especially in the heat. Check on your neighbors, stay safe out there.







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