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By Adam German (402) 430-1877 - April 12, 2018

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Although it hasn’t really been acting like it lately, spring is here. It says so on the calendar. The annual Cortland spring clean-up day is scheduled for just a couple weeks from now. On Saturday, May 5, Cortland will have several roll-off dumpsters available for the community to get rid of any unwanted items. This provides a great opportunity to get rid of all that junk stowed away in your attic or tossed in the corner of a garage. Volunteers are always appreciated and remember, if something is too heavy the town tractor will be out and about trying to help where needed. The rules are the same as last year however, no tires, chemicals, paints, oils or gases will be allowed. If you have any questions feel free to call your town man at 402-430-8177.


Things are going to get noisy again, which will have a small few slightly disgruntled and a bunch pretty excited. This Saturday, April 21; Black Dragon fireworks will be putting on a free show at the Cortland Ball Park. Mr. Flanders will be trying out new fireworks, testing others, and ultimately putting on a good show at the end. The fireworks are set to go off at dark and will last for a couple of hours. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Grab your coolers and chairs and head on down to the ballpark to start your spring out with a bang. If the fireworks are going to bother you or your pets you may want to find a safe place outside of town for a little while Saturday night.


Well it would appear that Maxine Pfeiffer may be slipping a little. I have grabbed enough of her news to know that she forgot to mention a birthday on her slip on the door. Maybe she did it on purpose ... you can’t get one passed me Maxine; you should know that by now. Cortland’s Maxine Pfeiffer will be celebrating another birthday this weekend. Maxine’s big day is Saturday, April 21; happy birthday Maxine! Cortland is even setting off fireworks just for your special day! Thank you for all of your contributions to the Cortland news.


Little Lainey Burkey celebrated a big birthday last weekend. Lainey turned four years old on April 14; happy birthday Lainey! If you have any of your mother’s left over cinnamon rolls feel free to drop them off at my place. I’ll have a Popsicle ready for you in trade.


If you are planning on stopping by First State Bank, be sure to stop and talk to Karen. While you are there wish her a happy birthday. Karen will be celebrating her big day on Thursday, April 19; happy birthday Karen.


Lisa Kohout stays pretty busy this time of year, if you can catch her between ball games wish her a very happy birthday. Lisa will be another year wiser on Sunday, April 22; happy birthday Lisa!


Katie Grusing will be taking a well-deserved break from her studies to celebrate her birthday which is also on the 22nd; happy birthday Katie.


I keep trying to forget but I’m constantly reminded of another birthday. I’m only reminded of it because this individual has seriously been celebrating her birthday every single weekend this month, every weekend. Every birthday mentioned above is just that ... a birth–day. Not a birth–month. Don’t tell that to my daughter. Nope. She won’t believe you. It’s her month. I used to have a birthday in April; I haven’t had my own cake for what will be 16 years now (except for the awesome cake Lori Hogan made for my 40th of course). Yep, you read that right. My daughter, Jerica German, is turning 16-years-old on Wednesday; April 25. I wouldn’t have believed that myself but it just so happens that I am and have been reminded of this daily. Hourly. Pretty much minute by minute for the last few months. I wish I could stop this from happening. She reminds me that I can’t. Someday she’ll know what this is like on a parent. If you see Jerica out and about and can actually get a word in; wish her a happy 16th. You are a great kid Jerica; we are so proud of you. Enjoy your birthday and drive safely; our lives are so much better with you in them.


Here is your Cortland pregnancy report ... Chris Briggs will have to try again. No pregnancy at this time in that relationship. What about Michelle Olson you ask? She is working on a personal best. She is on a near record streak of consecutive days of being not pregnant. Apparently pregnancy doesn’t just “happen” when you have so many little interruptions running around.


Once this newspaper hits your mailbox, the foreseeable forecast looks pleasant. Let’s hope so. We deserve nice weather. We have earned it at this point. I know of one guy that loaded up his snow blower on his trailer. He said he is going to drive south until somebody asks what it is. That’s where he will make his forever home. That may be a good plan; to live where snow blowers don’t exist. Stay safe out there.








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