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By Adam German (402) 430-1877 - April 20, 2017

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The Cortland annual clean-up day has officially been scheduled. Saturday, May 6, several roll-offs will be delivered to the Cortland community center to allow Cortlandites to get rid of all that trash that won’t fit in the trash totes in an effort to keep Cortland looking fabulous. You will be allowed to get rid of those broken mowers, bicycles, couches that Fido tore up, mattresses that lost a spring or two and just about anything that you’ve been tripping over all year. Just about anything that is ... once again used tires, paint, car batteries, chemicals, hazardous materials, concrete blocks and broken down rusty unlicensed cars will not be allowed. Which is unfortunate; could you imagine how nice the east side of town would start looking if we could grapple all those eye sores with wheels and toss them into a giant dumpster? That would be a great start to “clean-up” day.


Once again the Easter egg hunt in Cortland was a huge success. Over 1,300 Easter eggs were left behind by the Easter bunny. The Easter bunny even left behind some “Gold eggs;” if a lucky little one found one of these rare eggs he or she won a giant prize full of Easter goodies. Over 130 egg hunters showed up Saturday morning for the event.


Maxine Pfeiffer was a dinner guest of Tim and Dayna Dorn on Easter. Other relatives were present. Later Maxine went to the home of Tim and Susan Young to watch the Easter egg hunt. They had Brett and Sarah Kotschwar and Alex, Angie Eggert and friend Matt and her children, Arial and Cayden and Linda Lueders and Clinton Young. Norm and Tammi and Micah Pfeiffer were at the Dorn’s also.


The Fourth of July is coming early this year. Head on down to the Cortland ball field this Saturday, April 22, for the first fireworks show of the year. Chad Flanders will be putting on a “trial run” of sorts to get ready for the season. These shows are absolutely amazing. The fireworks are set off in a timed manner in sync with some classy tunes. Grab your lawn chair or a seat on the bleachers as the sun goes down and prepare yourself for an awesome show. And if you happen to see Lisa Kohout or Katie Grusing down there be sure to wish them a very happy birthday. Both Lisa and Katie have birthdays on the 22nd. What a great way to celebrate a birthday ... with fireworks!


If you are stopping in at the First State Bank in town, make sure to wish Karen a very happy birthday. She will have celebrated another birthday on Wednesday, April 19; happy birthday Karen!


You may even see Ryan Wiese while you are at the First State Bank, if you do wish him a happy birthday too. Ryan’s big day is Wednesday, April 26.


I have one more minor birthday to mention ... although if you ask her it is not so minor and only the biggest day of the whole year. Jerica German will be 15 years old on Tuesday, April 25. This year Jerica is really looking forward to a very special birthday present. She is expected to meet her brand-new cousin on April 27. Jake and Shaunie will be welcoming their second daughter into the world. Enjoy your birthday while you can Jerica – it may be overshadowed in the future. Trust me.


Roger Olson has been skipping and hopping around like an 8-year-old with a brand-new bike lately. Roger just found out that his older, wiser brother Ron is going to give him the keys to the shiny new tractor this year. Roger has been waiting 49 years for this moment. He has begged and pleaded. He has done his time in the grain truck, worked shovels and cleaned the shop. The promotion has arrived. Ron is going to allow Roger to do some planting on the farm. Roger hasn’t been this excited since he learned his wife was pregnant with just one child this time. Congratulations Roger; I guess this means we will not be seeing you at the bank anytime soon, huh?


The mushrooms are out. We found a few last weekend. Not enough. Don’t forget me if you hit the mother load. Stay safe out there.






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