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By Adam German (402) 430-1877 - August 17, 2017

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The big week is here; it’s going to happen. As your favorite article is being created, Rich Douglass is in the booth on 4th street just off 77 selling Eclipse T-shirts and those special glasses you need to view this major event. Cortlandites are preparing to welcome possibly thousands of visitors to our small town. Emergency services are on high alert. Dave Wieting has talked Ron Packard into using his shed as a command center as well as the fire department on the other side of the highway. Ron’s man cave offers air conditioning as well as a phone line. Your cell phone may go down during the eclipse, which isn’t anything new to local Verizon customers but it might surprise our guests. Some Cortlandites are preparing their lawns to be parked on; others are doing what they can to protect that from happening. Authorities are advising citizens to treat this event just like the way you would prepare for a giant blizzard. So just as soon as you are done reading your favorite paper it will be time to go out to the garage, jump in the car and fuel it up. After your vehicle is fully fueled take it to the grocery store and stock up. It is sounding like the shelves are going to empty pretty quickly. The big Eclipse is supposed to arrive on Monday, August 21st shortly after one. It could get interesting…


I have some pretty big news to share with you. It’s huge. I’m talking about pop machines. That’s right, soda dispensing machines that never close. You will be seeing a brand spanking new Coca-Cola machine that will offer pop, water, and Gatorade on the north side of the community center, in the storm shelter entrance very soon. Actually it may even be there by the time this article hits your mailbox.  Another pop machine will be going up at the fire department. It will be in front of the new building just as soon as an electrical outlet is put in, which sounds like is already in the works. Enjoy a Coke and a smile just as late into the night as you want!


The Cortland Explorers will be looking to cool you off, as well as any visitors that may show up a little early for Monday’s events. The Explorers returned from the store last weekend with a whole lot of ice cream, chocolate, hot fudge and whatever else they thought might add to an awesome Sundae. The Explorers will be building hot fudge heart attacks down at the fire hall from 1 p.m. until 3 or so on Sunday, August 20th. A donation box will also be offered to be filled with children’s toys and games. The box will be delivered to the Children’s Rainbow House over in Omaha. Please feel free to stop in, drop off an item, and enjoy some ice cream with the Cortland Explorers.


Alex Kotschwar, son of Brett and Sarah Kotschwar, celebrated his fourth birthday at the Cortland Park on Saturday with several relatives and friends present. After a picnic dinner, he opened his gifts and then he went to the home of Tim and Susan Young to enjoy their swimming pool. Tim and Alex took granny Maxine Pfeiffer home on Tim’s golf cart. She was even buckled up.


Janis Steward and Susan Young visited Maxine Pfeiffer Sunday afternoon.

The Olson household is pretty busy this time of year. Roger and Michelle celebrated an anniversary on Monday the 14th and it’s been three years now since Michelle has given birth to two children at once. That’s right, twins Wyatt and Tucker turned three years old on Tuesday the 15th. The Olson family dog, Sarge, also celebrated his birthday on August 12th. Roger says it just keeps getting easier…of course he employs most of Brazil’s babysitting staff. And just in case you were wondering; as of print time Michelle Olson is still NOT pregnant. Michelle is on quite the NOT pregnant streak. Happy anniversary and happy birthday Wyatt and Tucker! (Oh and Sarge)


Jeff Oberg will be celebrating his birthday this Friday, Aug. 18; happy birthday Jeff.


The day that Cortland will go dark with the Eclipse is the same day Forrest DeVries would have turned 61. It seems fitting that his birthday will be celebrated the same day a once in a lifetime event will be taking place; happy birthday Forrest. I know you’re watching….


The day you open this article up will be the same day school starts. You may have to dodge parents doing cartwheels in the street on your way to work so watch out for them. Watch out for those kids too. While you are viewing the eclipse be sure that you have on the glasses. A lot of people are trying to sell knock-offs of the glasses that are not safe for your eyes. Purchase your Eclipse eye-ware from a reputable person or business. If I were you I would just walk down the street and pick up a t-shirt and a pair of super safe shades from Rich Douglass. I hear that he is pretty reputable. The money made off of those T-shirts and shades will be put directly back into our town; maybe Santa will get a new sleigh or something this year? Enjoy the eclipse. Take Monday off, don’t go anywhere just sit back and take it all in! Stay safe out there.





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