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By Marilyn Schreiner (402) 782-2965 - June 22, 2017

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Bennet dodged another bad storm Friday night and only received rain, a little wind and a few small pieces of hail. Many other towns got hit a lot harder. How lucky can we get? Crops, gardens and lawns are all looking good.


People lighting candles on their birthday cakes this week will be: Janice Znamenacek, Jim Martin, Sr., Emma Grace Boell, Morgan Genuchi, Cody Allen Petta and Cheryl Ryan and Ron Ringland II. Celebrating an anniversary will be Jim and Cathy Martin. Congratulations to all of them on their special day.


The Senior Diners met on Tuesday and enjoyed a meal of creamed chicken and peas over a biscuit with a berry fruit cup for dessert. Susan Keese from Aging Partners gave a presentation on “Hydration” at 1 p.m. On Thursday they had tilapia for lunch with a lemon fruit cup for dessert. They had a handout from Denise Boyd, R.D. from Aging Partners titled “Oral Health’s impact on Nutrition.” They listened to music with Don and Gayla Becker at 1 p.m.


Bennet lost two more members of the community last week. Keith King passed away on Wednesday. He and his family had lived in the Bennet area for many years. His funeral services were held at the Bennet Community Church on Monday morning. Letha May passed away on Thursday and her services were held at the Lutheran Church North of Bennet on Tuesday morning. Letha and her family had also lived in the Bennet area for many years. The older generation is slowly fading away.


Vacation Bible School at the Bennet Community church will be held June 26 -30, 5:30 to 8 p.m. with the program being held during the worship service on July 2.


The Sunday School kids will be serving breakfast to the congregation next Sunday so this should be an interesting event.


We are happy to report that Forrest Nisley is back home again after having spent some time at South Lake Village.


Norma Hagaman is also back home after spending a few days in the hospital due to a fall and having some injuries.


Independence Day activities will be happening in a few days and we urge everyone to be extra careful with their fireworks so no one will get hurt. Also, be considerate of your neighbors.


Thursday Gaylene Nutzman, Lonnie, James, Lauren and Marilyn Schreiner went on a “road trip” to Syracuse, Unadilla and Palmyra to visit some of the places they had lived when they were growing up. It was sad to see how some of the farm buildings had been let deteriorate. They had a wonderful lunch in Unadilla.


Saturday night was the Bennet High School 2017 Alumni Banquet that was held at the Bennet Legion Hall. The meal was catered by Jan Kreifels and members of the Bennet Community Church were on hand to help with the serving. The Committee members were: Larry Jensen, Donna (Ringland) Eicher, Gary Finke, Bill Glover and Dan Lovercheck. The 1949 and earlier Classes were honored. Larry Jensen gave several awards to people and Larry Hall talked about the early days of Bennet and the school. Approximately 75 people were in attendance. The oldest graduating senior was Wayne Cheney and the youngest was Terry Chambers. The youngest person in attendance was Carolyn (Wilson) Wenzl and the person that came the farthest was Glenn Wallick who came from Texas. Lots of visiting and memories were shared and a good time was had by all. Comments were made that maybe the banquet should be held every year instead of every two years since the attendance seems to be declining due to health and deaths.


Quote for the week: “A hug is the perfect gift. One size fits all and no one minds if you exchange it.”


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